Optimised Visitor Management

Reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering your workplace with Optimised Visitor Management.

It is not just the risk of Covid entering the workplace that has of course increased the need for visitor management, have you considered visitor management within your business continuity planning and the tiered return to the workplace coupled with the need to know who is where? 

How can you keep your onsite and remote workers safe after lockdown?

We’ve all heard it numerous times, but coronavirus really has changed all our lives, possibly forever. Remote working is the new normal, with lots of employees proving during lockdown that they are capable of being efficient while working from home. As a business, ensuring all your employees both onsite and remote workers and any other visitors or contractors stay safe should be a top priority. As we start to see restrictions eased and lifted, this should remain a priority, especially given that a vaccine is at least a year away.

What are your responsibilities as an employer?
Though technology has enabled us to move online and meet the virus head on, remote working does pose some challenges. Whether a social worker, technician, or indeed any remote worker, there is still a duty of care expected by employers – essentially to keep their staff safe when carrying out duties at home, during site visits, or during house calls. But don’t worry, there are tools available to help you keep all your workers stay safe, no matter where they are working from.

How can technology can help?
Software built into devices like Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management (OVM) system provide accurate people presence data in real-time, helping you monitor the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites. It can also:

1. Provide visibility - Mobile apps like Sharp’s Visitor Management app WolMobile integrate with the OVM kiosk and have options to select working remotely. This lets your staff sign themselves in whilst working at home or remotely, giving you full visibility of who’s ‘in work’ and in your duty of care, no matter their location. You can even check in with your employees using the instant messenger feature or set up notices that they can see when they sign-in, handy when you need to get the latest virus advice to staff, for example.

2. Send reminders - While encouraging and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, now that businesses have moved online and their staff are working from home it’s important to help staff stay focussed and productive. Micro-office interactions are no longer taking place, so it may be more difficult for some to collaborate, and their home office setup may be less than ideal.

With Optimised Visitor Management software you can send best practice reminders like home office, posture, and online meeting tips. These reminders can even be sent as an SMS message, so you could send a little reminder to take a 5-minute break, letting staff re-focus when they return to their desks.

3. Give announcements - If recent events have taught us anything, it’s just how important an emergency management plan is – no matter where your staff are. By using instant messages or SMS push notifications, Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management software makes it easy to update your staff with important announcements, such as locking down during a second wave of COVID-19 or your organisation’s response to government plans. You can even schedule audience-specific announcements, to the sales team or to an IT team for example, letting you get the right message to the right group of people at the most appropriate time.

4. Send notifications - Staff going on-site during lockdown can pose a significant health and safety risk. Not only because of the potential spread of Coronavirus, but if they have an accident whilst on-site this can be dangerous for themselves, and could leave you, the employer, liable. Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management software can be set up to notify you if someone is on-site during lockdown, allowing you to act and respond as required. 

5. Conduct wellness checks - Some of your staff may be working alone or be in a situation where they’re putting themselves in harm’s way. You can make sure your staff are safe wherever they are, or notify first responders if something’s wrong with the WolMobile app, increasing safety and peace-of-mind.

Simple functionality ensures staff reply – when they receive your prompt, they can tap ‘yes’ to tell you they’re safe, or ‘no’ to send an alert. If an employee forgets or is unable to respond, you can send alerts to the person responsible for them, like their manager, notifying them that they’re yet to respond.

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